Rev. Dr. James Tan is a visionary leader. With a clear biblical understanding, he reveals God's goodness for the new generation of believers.

With keen apostolic insight and authority, he teaches by of the Holy Spirit, bringing liberty to multitudes. His spirit of ministry of the living relationship with the Father through the personal reality of the Holy Spirit, led many believers to be renewed and equipped. Flowing with the anointing, prophecies, healings, financial breakthroughs and deliverance occur at each service. By believing that the Church is the Body of Christ, Dr. Tan reaches nations, cross-cultures and interdenominations.

As Founder and President of the Covenant Fellowship of Ministries International (CFMI), an interdenominational service association, Dr. James Tan builds new leaders. Through CFMI's international outreach, he advises and oversees a growing number of churches and ministries. In addition to planting and building churches, CFMI also coordinates various humanitarian outreach activities.

In 2010, Dr. James Tan founded Covenant Life Community Jakarta (CLC Jakarta) with the mandate of "Reach the nation, raise sons and daughters, realize destiny”. In 2014, Covenant Life Community Jakarta transformed into Covenant Life Church Jakarta. Recognizing the believers' need for the intake of God's Word and the Holy Spirit in the local churches, CLC Jakarta emphasizes "living theology" - through the biblical understanding in a careful and detailed Spirit.

Graduated from various higher education institutions, Dr. James Tan, among others, holds Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Wagner Leadership Institute (Pasadena, California, USA), and Doctor of Divinity from International Seminary (Plymouth, Florida, USA).

Dr. James Tan is associated with Faith Christian Fellowship (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA), International Fellowship of Ministries (Bothell, Washington, USA), Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries (Los Angeles, California, USA), and World Ministry Fellowship (Plano, Texas, USA).  Together with his wife, Deborah, he has two sons, Ethan and Tristan.

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